16 May 2009

how to reset domain admin password on a Windows Server 2008

I did not use my tests Virtual Machines for some times just after installing them....I forgot the domain admin password :'(
I found a hack for Vista, that i reused for my Windows Server 2008 Domain controller !
I just pushed it a litlle further by only using the official Windows Server 2008 DVD from Microsoft instead of backtrack :)

For people in hurry, here are the steps:

  • Boot onto DVD of Windows Server 2008
  • Choose “Repair your computer”
  • Launch cmd
  • Go to c:\windows\system32
  • Rename Utilman.exe to Utilman.exe.bak
  • Copy cmd.exe to Utilman.exe
  • Reboot on Windows
  • Do the keyboard shortcut Windows + U when on the logon screen
  • net user administrator Newpass123 inside the cmd
  • log on with the domain admin account and this new pass
  • change the password to remember it if needed
  • Reboot on the DVD to put back the original Utilman.exe


Andzdab said...

Worked like a charm; I was on 2008 Enterprise and this did it more easily than anything else.


Anonymous said...

mec je t'adore !!!man I love you!!! so far the only thing that work nice to recover from domain password lost !

Anonymous said...

Even works on Windows 2008 R2...

Anonymous said...

Still working on 2k8 r2...
if target is a vm, just map the system disc into explorer and go on.

btw: thx for posting !

Unknown said...

Your are my hero. Thanks for posting this. Worked succesfully on a Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise server.

Anonymous said...

Dindn't work for me. The utilman.exe doesn't exist in c:\windows\system32\

Someone has any other ideas?

Anonymous said...

Ow my god, i've been searching for this for some time now, and it's this simple, worked like a charm on R2! Thanx for posting!

Anonymous said...

Worked great for a local administrator account on a non-domain Windows 2008 R2 Standard system. Thanks for the great article.

marty said...

I was trying to get this to work on XP Pro that is part of a w2k3 domain with no luck. Any ideas?