26 November 2006

improve Vmware on Vista Host

I finally do not stop trying on Vmware Workstation..
Some clues:
-Before firing the setup, put it in Windows XP SP2 compability mode, this avoid a blue screen during driver install.

-If you have UPS or a notebook, you can turn on disk cache performance, which isn't checked by default (even on notebook!).

Mostly, vmwks is VERY slow when you fire the FIRST VM. Then, after 5 minutes of blackout (vista host is frozen), everything goes back to life as normal. Anyway how many VM you start/shut, the cost is on the first only. Until you reboot ! Life to Hibernate mode :)

Another clue: The more the First VM you power on has, the longer will be the frozen time...
Just need to fire the first VM with the least ram possible. You can then shut it, put back the good amount and go ahead..

Virtual Server 2005 R2 & Vista IIS7 nightmare


many websites says to install IIS7 on vista to get the Virtual server 2005 web admin site working.
What they don't say is that you can't install VS2005 before IIS7 (without taking the web site component).
If so, you MUST first remove the whole Virtual Server 2005 R2, correct or not IIS7, then install VS again.

You must also enable basic authentication both on the web site AND virtual folder.

Vmware not compatible with vistas as host


I tried 5 or more times to make Vmware Workstation 5.5.3 or even the Vmplayer working on my Vista RTM US.

I always take a blue screen on the host caused by vmx64.sys or something like this.

I give it up until an official version supporting Vista.

I could not manage to install the Virtual Center client either.
The simple remote console is working anyway.

25 November 2006

Vista & Drivecrypt plus pack update


i just got in touch with Securstar support, DCPP 3.8 support vista RTM.
I just installed it :)

I am on Vista RTM!


just to say i am on Vista RTM + office 2007 since they came out on MSDN.

big differences:
-bye ActiveSync, life to "Mobile device center"

-Checkpoint VPN isn't working right now
-alchool 120% make bluescren, hard to get it away
-Drivecrypt plus pack doesn't work
-Bitlocker is only working on the system volume, and need a TPM module.

Much faster than XP
Much more stable
Windows Mobility Center

04 November 2006

need to batch resize photos on windows?

If you need to resize 80 photos like me on Windows (those on Linux will use xv), i found a great freeware (a true one):Visualizer Photo Resize

You can get it here