27 September 2009

SharePoint 2007 slowness

I recently had to solve 2 SharePoint 2007 slowness:

  • The next call following application pool recycle : 2 minutes to get the page
  • When searching for people in AD: a least 30 seconds

2 minutes to get the page

IIS tries to contact crl.microsoft.com through http, but can't. This is to verify assembly's signatures in the GAC. Causes and solutions are explained on this blog:


I chose the following one:

Here we go, dropping load time to 20 seconds, which is "normal" since it has to compile again. But you can still go further by:

  • Modify when the application pool is recycled
  • Use SPWakeUp, to "warm up" the SharePoint engine by calling every site once

Search in AD : at least 30 seconds

When: you try to authorize a user, a group or just assign a task to someone. This takes around 30 seconds instead of one. I am targeting the time needed between the click and having the name underligned.

Causes: In my case, tracing the network activity of the server, i realized it was failing to contact domain controllers of another forest when i checked a user name. This try is due to the add of another forest in peoplepicker's property, through stsadm. By default, SharePoint only checks users in it's own domain. To extend the search to others domains or forest, you need to add them through this command:
stsadm -o setproperty -url http://SharePointSite:85 -pn peoplepicker-searchadforests –pv “domain1.com”,,;”domain2.com”,,

If you have trust between the SharePoint's domain and the targeted one, you don't have to provide credentials.

Here is a more detailled post: http://www.gk.id.au/2009/04/people-picker-sharepoint-and-forest.html

Solution: Allows SharePoint to connect to the domain controllers of these targets. The port to open is ldap (389) both in TCP and UDP.

That's it, it nows takes again around one second and we can now search people in the other forest!