30 June 2007

Wanna want your exchange 2007 32 bits for more than 120 Days ? No you won't

Wanna want your exchange 2007 32 bits for more than 120 Days ? No you won't...
I got my Exchange 2007 (32 bits) out of evaluation period..Ok but i do have a valid serial.
  1. No way to find how to enter the serial from the exchange console..Any way, this console doesn't have the full set of functionnality...
  2. I tried from powershell...It refuses it ! standard or enterprise, it refuses both...
  3. I found from microsoft website that you CAN'T license the 32 bits version... damned!
I agree that Microsoft doesn't support the 32 bits version, but 120 days is short..

24 June 2007

Happy birthday, my blog!

you got it, one year ago i opened this blog... ! :)
145 messages (one every 2,5 days on average)
>4850 visitors (13/day on average)

I hope you like it !

23 June 2007

HP prove bullet proof server - real test video

they make their server explose and count the time needed to make the disaster recovery!

20 June 2007

Free Citrix tool: stress Printer Driver

With a free citrix account, you can download it here:

Many driver problems in the Terminal Services environment revolve around poor multi-threaded performance, which in turn can cause Print Spooler instability. Problematic multi-threaded performance is usually exposed when multiple users connect to a Terminal Server simultaneously using the same print driver. Symptoms include the failure to autocreate client printers, increased thread count of the Printer Spooler and/or Citrix Print Manager services, and possibly the unresponsiveness and/or unexpected termination of these services (crashes).
This tool can be used to simulate multiple sessions autocreating printers using the same print driver.
It can also be used to compare the following among various drivers:
• CPU load incurred while creating a printer using a particular driver
• Time required to successfully create a printer using a particular driver

16 June 2007

Firefox crashing when opening many favorite at once

I got firefox crashing every time i try to open all favorites (60) of one folder. I tested desactivating firefox extension. Session Manager version is the guilty one.
Damned !

14 June 2007

detecting SSL version accepted by Web server

If you want to detect SSL version accepted by web server, you can use the free OpenSSL.
For the Windows version:

Then the syntax is:
openssl s_client -connect www.google.fr:443

By default, it will use the best crypto. You can restrict to only SSL V2:
openssl s_client -connect www.google.fr:443 -ssl2

openssl s_client -connect www.google.fr:443 -ssl3

One interesting thing is the cypher accepted by the other peer:

Ciphers common between both SSL endpoints:
SSL handshake has read 1004 bytes and written 239 bytes
New, SSLv2, Cipher is DES-CBC3-MD5
Server public key is 1024 bit
Compression: NONE

07 June 2007

Vista : Windows Movie / DVD Maker

I had Windows Movie Maker and Windows DVD Maker crashing every time i tried to import a movie, even a true wmv one.
The eventlog entry about is:

Faulting application DVDMaker.exe, version 6.0.6000.16386, time stamp 0x4549b5b0, faulting module iac25_32.ax, version, time stamp 0x3dd40ee6, exception code 0xc0000005, fault offset 0x00003548, process id 0x249c, application start time 0x01c7a87b3c004190.

This was an incompatibility issue with ACE Mega Codec Pack. After removing it, both DVD Maker and Movie Maker are working great.

05 June 2007

wget.exe with proxy

For those that whish to use wget on windows (wget.exe) but need to specify a proxy, here is the howto:

set http_proxy=http://myproxy:8080
wget --proxy=on http://my-url.com/....