30 August 2007

The way back machine


A great site that keeps track of websites from years passed...
Microsoft Web site 10 years ago ?

25 August 2007

Windows Server 2008 Component Posters

You can freely download the Windows Server 2008 Component Posters:

they were originally printed in the July 2007 issue of TechNet Magazine

24 August 2007

DFS and FQDN Referrals

On the Microsoft Newsgroups, someone asked for using FQDN (Full Qualified Domain Name) with DFS-R Referrals.

While first of all that doesn't sound accurate, you must set the key as DFS:

How to configure DFS to use fully qualified domain names in referrals

You must set this key before creating the DFS.

Schema Changes Reference for Exchange 2007

Schema Changes Reference for Exchange 2007

Shared drive still displays after cluster move group

After moving cluster resources on a 2003 cluster, the passive node still get drive letter displayed in the explorer. This is a difference with Windows 2000:

Managing Disk Ownership in a Windows Server 2003 Cluster

18 August 2007

DHCP lease longer than expected

if you use Microsoft DHCP, you may have seen that lease last longer than expected. Between 4 & 5 hours more.
This comes from the grace period, which last 4 hours by default. If your dhcp is quite full or having people moving around, you may reduce this grace period:


Value Type: DWORD
Value Data: time in minutes

So that explain the 4 hours. But why 5 ? Because the dhcp cleanup only occurs every 60 minutes by default, except if dhcp lease are starving. You can make it more aggressive:


Hope you will find it useful!

16 August 2007

SCOM 2007: NLB Management Pack

Monitors Microsoft Network Load Balancing clusters. Detects, sends, alerts, and automatically responds to critical events.


09 August 2007

Windows Vista: 2 updates that boost the beast

An update is available that improves the performance and reliability of Windows Vista

An update is available that improves the compatibility and reliability of Windows Vista

08 August 2007

07 August 2007

Wirelesstime - Freeware for smartphone/pocketpc

If you want to minimize battery usage at night, you may be interested by this tool:

It allow to turn off or on bluetooth, gsm radio, wifi at specified time.So it will turn off at night, and on when you wake up !

need a hotfix from Microsoft ? don't call, fill a form!

instead of calling Microsoft to get a Hotfix, you can fill an online form:


01 August 2007

Windows Desktop Search On XP with office 2007

If you install Office 2007 AFTER Windows Desktop Search, it won't index Outlook Mail.
You need to install again WDS, it works immediately after !