27 May 2007

HP officejet all-in-one 6310 and Vista issue

I am having issues with the Officejet 6310 and Vista. When i install the driver, everything is good and working. But when i switch the computer in sleep mode and then turn in back online, Windows tell me something got wrong and host process was closed. Here is the eventlog:

The only way i know to put it working again (reboot change nothing, printer disappear from the printel panel), is to uninstall and install again the huge driver (160M). When i try to uninstall, the setup behave poorly:

My officejet is connected through my lan, it may behave better through USB.

  • I sent a mail to HP support. They ask me to stop hibernate. That's not even a workaround
  • I installed an update for this printer which normaly wouldn't help. Except my troubles seems to be gone !

I switched to Firefox !

Yes, i switched to Firefox! I needed many add-on to get the same level of functionnality as Avant Browser. This last is great, but lack of update and has bug on Vista.
Here is the list of Module I use:
-DOM inspector
-HTML Validator
-IE View
-PDF Download
-Session Manager
-SwitchProxy Tool
-Tab Mix plus
-User Agent Switcher
-Web Developer
-AS Numbers (BGP)
-ADblock Plus

For people using avant browser, here is how to get the same extra functionnality on FireFox:

-URL Alias: Create a Firefox Favorite, and then edit to add keywords. Then you can just type the keyword to convert to the full url.

-Search engine: I went to http://www.searchplugins.net/ to create my custom search:
-mskb: give it a KB number, you directly got the KB page (not a search result)
-eventID: give it an event ID, you get the result page from eventid.net

24 May 2007

AD account Distinguishedname (full name) escaped with a "\"

I just ran into a strange thing, having an account with a distinguished name looking like : CN=LLAMOSI\, Faust, OU=XXXX,DC=mydomain,dc=local:

The mistake come from the full name which has a ",". Only the Display name may have it.

You cannot edit the distinguished name attribute with adsiedit.msc, because it is owned by "SYSTEM".

Thanks to Brandon Aiken for hitting the coma on the ActiveDir mailing list

20 May 2007

Vista & old game : good story

While some current game will not run correctly on Vista, old may just run perfectly :)
That's my case with Unreal Tournament 2003, which is 4 years old !
have fun

Security Enhancements in Windows Vista

This article includes information about security enhancements in Windows Vista and how Microsoft used the Security Development Lifecycle to increase the security of the Windows operating system.


16 May 2007

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Help

The Exchange Server 2007 Help can help you in the day-to-day administration of Exchange. Use this information to guide you through Exchange Server 2007 features, tasks, and administration procedures.


13 May 2007

Longhorn will be Windows Server 2008

now it's official, The final name for the new Windows Server will be Windows server 2008 !

the logo:

12 May 2007

Bartpe: customizing the boot screen message

To get a more custom bartpe cd, you can change the boot message. Just add this to one plugin inf file:
"txtsetup.sif", "SetupData", "loaderprompt", """V 1.1 Mathieu CHATEAU..."""

BartPE: including recursive folder of a plugin

If you want to include a bunch of folders and files inside a bartpe plugin, you can use this in your inf plugin's file:

Free online/remote backup 2G: Mozy


i am just starting using a great free service to make secondary backup of my laptop:

They offer 2GB. I am currently uploading at 700Kb/s which is great for my adsl.
Both access from the web of the client.
Working on my Vista

11 May 2007

svchost / WSUS / eating 100% CPU

the WSUS client V2.0 may eat all cpu for quite a lot of time, from process explorer this is what you can see for svchost:

The bug comes from msi.dll and when you have Office updates. The WSUS V3 is out and should correct this

10 May 2007

02 May 2007

Free Text editor : notepad2

I just found this free tool on a blog: notepad2: