18 July 2006

Domain rename [DONE!]


I finally renamed our AD Domain yesterday !

Here are the sticky steps:

For SQL, I asked the PSS : you need to go trough the SQL Setup, see:http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;319016

Then you need to recreate ALL AD Users in SQL.

For the filer/printer cluster, i followed:http://support.microsoft.com/kb/269196/

For Exchange, i followed the same KB but only after issuing thexdr-fixup.

SMS 2003 Was removed and installed again after (we exported ourcollections/ query as MOF file)

WSUS didn't have any issue, we didn't removed it.

Norton passed trough without any trouble, server and client stillcommunicate well.

Citrix is a bad one, needed to create again all users, and we didn'tchange the farm name (same as domain); if you do so, you have torecreate all publish.

For the NT Service, i used a vbscript to find all of them, the samefor scheduled tasks.

About the scheduled tasks, when you change the first, all are updated!

So everything was fine, except one mistake from me : I issued the/clean too fast, workstation weren't migrated yet.. Too bad..We had tobrought them out & in the domain.

Hope this will help others in the same case,



marjan said...

I have problem with SMS 2003 after domain rename. I can't start SMS administration console due to references to a previose domain account. I did not export any collection any package and i am working in a single site. Can i try it to manualy add a new account in the SQL database

lordoftheping said...

SMS doesn't support domain rename as far as i know.

About SQL, you need to know the sa account password.
Then log in SQL, recreate the domain account/groups.

Tell SMS the new account.

Just do that to export your collection + query and then remove the whole SMS and install again.

Anonymous said...

I have one DC, one member servers with Exchange 2003 and another member server as a control station. I am testing renaming from a.com to a.b.com
I followed the article "Step-by-Step Guide to implementing Domain Rename" and in Step 7 (Verify Readiness of DCs), I´ve got an error:
-failed to prepare servername.a.com : 5
-1 server contacted,1 server returned errors
The file dclist.xml shows:
"LastError "5" "/LastError"
I don´t know how to go on?

R Martinez

lordoftheping said...


check your DC:

do you have more logs ?