25 January 2007

considering username rename ?

If you are considering renaming users Samaccountname, you should at least care about:
  • Outlook will prompt for the location of OST and maybe PST if in the profile
  • ActiveSync on Windows mobile will need to be set up with the new username
  • If using roaming profile, you will need to rename all users folders (so you need access to them which is by default prohibited with XP SP2)
  • If redirecting My Documents, you will need to rename all folders to match.
  • Update logon script if network mapping is based on the username
  • You may clean up all profile on all station or at least rename them.
You should use Admodify which will do all the job on the AD side.

You should always test amont a significant numbers of users first to check against application troubles after renaming accounts. Applications like Vmware VirtualCenter always display the last used username.


Nishad | നിഷാദ് said...

I want to rename more than 100 accounts in my NT domain.

I think movehere is the best method to do that.

could u pls help me for the same??

lordoftheping said...

What is movehere ?

With ADModify, you will be able to rename the 100 accounts at once. It include a rollback way through an XML file autocreated

But then you will have to manage issues, like the one i mention.

ADModify (freeware) can be dowloaded here: