27 May 2007

HP officejet all-in-one 6310 and Vista issue

I am having issues with the Officejet 6310 and Vista. When i install the driver, everything is good and working. But when i switch the computer in sleep mode and then turn in back online, Windows tell me something got wrong and host process was closed. Here is the eventlog:

The only way i know to put it working again (reboot change nothing, printer disappear from the printel panel), is to uninstall and install again the huge driver (160M). When i try to uninstall, the setup behave poorly:

My officejet is connected through my lan, it may behave better through USB.

  • I sent a mail to HP support. They ask me to stop hibernate. That's not even a workaround
  • I installed an update for this printer which normaly wouldn't help. Except my troubles seems to be gone !


FranVarona said...

I have the same problem. But when I try to install the update, it says that it can't be applied to my machine(???). Congratulations for your solution!

lordoftheping said...

I found another way:
Launch again the setup, but choose "Add Device". It will discover again the printer and working immediately without the pain of uninstall/install again :)

Chris said...


What update did you install to fix the problem? A new printer driver? if so, what version/filename?

Cheers, Chris.