26 January 2010

LOTP Consulting

I am looking for short term missions, like:

  • Fireman on down production
  • Audits (pen tests, infrastructure 's health…)
  • Performances issues
  • Projects
  • Pilot/POC
  • Remote admin

Need a new look on unsolved problem?

My Microsoft/Network/Security knowledge enable me to integrate all layer of your infrastructure in the brainstorming, and so to suggest the best solution in your environment.
Unlike mono product/techno experts, i use my global view to spot impacts on all your layers and correlate events or settings together.
I am use you have pebble in the shoe that i would enjoy to take off! Remote or on site, from one hour to 2 months, we will find a way in your context.

Going further

I am reachable here: mathieu.chateau@lotp.fr

Linkedin : http://www.linkedin.com/in/mathieuchateau

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