28 April 2010

Wireshark traces for PopCorn Hour A200

Now that i have a PopCorn on the network, I wanted to measure it's impact on my local network:

  • 160 packets at boot within 1mn30

It mainly generates multicast DNS (mDNS) and SSDP. Stopping their own myihome protocol reduce a lot these broadcasts.

Surprise, my pc start to send request to PopCorn using UDP, every 30 seconds on port 427 (srvloc), but the PopCorn refuses through icmp unreachable:

TCPView shows up the process who listen on this port on my PC, but we only get the hosting process, svchost:


Process Explorer ends up the mystery:


So it's my HP driver that sends these requests every 30 seconds, even if this one answer with an icmp unreachable....HP never quit....Argh!

Here is a Wireshark filter to quickly find a PopCorn on the network:

http.server contains "Syabas myiBox"

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