29 August 2006

chkdsk VS O&O Defrag : who is right ?

I am a bit perplexed today..

When doing a chkdsk in read-only on our cluster filer, no error.

Now If i do a "check of error" through O&O, it complain that the FileSystem is damaged...

I contacted O&O support,it's not possible to get more details about which error it find. It just complain.

I Contacted PSS to ask about hidden read-only option, but they don't seems to have.

O&O Support says they do a deeper check.

Well, i fired up O&O without error checking, that should not be serious error since chkdsk find nothing.

I wouldn't notice much normally, except we just had a big issue with security descriptor last week, which we noticed thanks to O&O error checking !

Life is too bad!

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Ross Gayler said...

I had the same problem and got the same answer from O&O support: "O&O checks deeper". So I asked if they knew of any software to correct these "deeper errors". They said they couldn't recommend any software and I should reformat the disk and re-install Windows.

What a useless answer! What is the point in checking deeper if you can't do anything realistic about it, especially since other people obviously don't think the deeper errors actually cause any harm?