27 August 2006

My new laptop is here !

turn the order on "urgent mode" is really efficient at Dell. At the beginning I should got it by the 19 of September.
Thanks to the urgent flag, i got it 5 days after the order :)

Guess what ? the XPS M1210 is really great! I have never seen wmare running this fast on a laptop ! going from standby to resume is instant !

This laptop seems to have the Intel VT capacity. My vmware doesn't seem put the
monitor_control.vt32 = "TRUE" .
I will try to set it manually..

and now the downsides:
-The webcam doesn't record video in resolution higher than 640x480 (photos works in 1,3M)
-I hear a noisy sound while on the AC. I will open a call to dell about it.

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Dell Customer Advocate said...


My name is Todd and I'm a customer advocate here at Dell's corporate headquarters. We saw your blog and I wanted to find out if you had gotten that issue fixed with the ac adapter.

If not, please feel free to email me at Customer_Advocate@dell.com. Please include my first name in the subject line of your email to make sure the message is correctly routed to me.

Customer Advocate
Dell, Inc.