24 September 2006

Dell XPS M1210 & nvidia 7400 & Games

I just went the hard way with my new laptop.. I wanted to see how it handle games ! I just put the Need For Speed Most Wanted DVD and fire the setup.

When i launch the game, it does nothing...hugh.. I upgraded to 1.3 of NFS, already have the latest drivers & firmware...

Anyway, i just bought "Just cause". Guess what ? It refuses to launch, saying my video card doesn't do pixel shader 1.1 or vertex shader 1.1.

After looking at the 7400's spec, it does the job.

As you may know, official nvidia or ati driver don't work on laptop, you normally must install the manufacturer one.

Thanks to Internet, guys modify the official drivers to work on laptop.

For ATI, look for DHmodtool3

For Nvidia, go to http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/index.php?drivers

Now both games works great. A Dell customer advocate contacted me for another problem (weird noise), i sent him a mail about this issue.

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