06 September 2006

NLB monitoring

One subject I am working at the moment is: How to monitor NLB Cluster ? How to automatically remove any member still alive but with the application clustered down ?

I have two applications about to be NLB cluster:

-ISA 2004 as reverse proxy

-IIS 6.0


ISA 2004 enterprise can work in NLB integrated mode: If ISA is in bad mood, it remove itself from NLB. NLB is not aware of ISA, but ISA is aware of NLB. That's better than nothing !

Old fashion way was to use cluster sentinel, that came with the Windows 2000 resource kit.

The actual way would be to monitor through MOM, which have packages for both IIS and NLB, and can trigger action on event.

My vmware is burning, i will try out MOM 2005 :)

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