17 July 2007

MPSReports: New tool from Microsoft to collect information


The MPS Reporting utility PFE version is utilized to gather detailed system status and configuration information. The data collected will assist with fault isolation and general health-checks. The PFE version of MPS_REPORTS gathers a wide range of diagnostic information from Windows and limited information for server applications installed such as SQL or Exchange.The MPS Reporting Tool is self-extracting and will run on Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 x86. Windows Server 2003 x64 (AMD64), and Windows Server 2003 for Itanium.This reporting utility DOES NOT make any registry changes to the operating system and is entirely a batch command utility. There are files extracted during run-time as the utility is running. The reports gathered are compressed into a ".cab" file and then deleted. The compressed .cab file is normally 2-5 MB depending on the system configuration and is therefore easy to transfer in case the data is needed for analysis.


Anonymous said...

Ca existe depuis des lustres. T'es à la ramasse mec.

lordoftheping said...

pas vraiment.
Les MPS_Reports existent depuis des lustres, mais il s'agit d'une "nouvelle mouture", version PFE (Premier Field Engineering).
elle date du 12/07/2007...